Skylarks surveyed at ӣƵ Airport

Skylark (38556316)

PORTS of ӣƵ firefighters have been helping to survey one of the few birds which are welcome on the airfield at ӣƵ Airport.

Although larger bird activity around the runway is discouraged, smaller bird species that do not cause any danger to aviation, such as the skylark, are welcome.

The skylark survey, which is carried out on behalf of the Ornithological section of the Société Jersiaise and the ӣƵ Biodiversity Centre, has taken place every June since 2006, when just 36 of the birds were logged. This year the team identified 110.

(LtoR) Neil Harvey (Airport Fire Service), Tony Paintin, Joya Ghose, Hester Whitehead (38556314)

Skylarks are classed as a red-list species due to habitat loss, disturbance and changes in farming practices, and are in dramatic decline nationally.

Firefighter Neil Harvey said: “The airfield grassland has become a favoured site for nesting and roosting skylarks in recent years, and is now ӣƵ’s primary habitat for the birds. We are pleased to be involved with the ongoing surveying and conservation of the skylark in ӣƵ.”

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