"Chunky" ferret-like animal which killed pet guinea pig being hunted in ӣƵ

Stone martin Picture: Lisa Hebert. (38549814)

A “CHUNKY” ferret-like animal which has killed a pet guinea pig is being hunted by wildlife experts.

The young stone marten was first seen near the St Peter Coop in early June after apparently escaping or being released from its home.

A few days later it killed a guinea pig inside its hutch, and although efforts have been made to trap it, the animal is still on the loose.

Posting on Facebook, Cris Sellares said: “This species is not native to ӣƵ or the UK, found mainly in continental Europe.

“Experts have told us that this is a young individual, and given its tameness, it is highly unlikely that it arrived in ӣƵ of its own accord.

“It is believed that it, or its parents, belong to someone, and that it has escaped or been released. Efforts have been made to trap it without success.

“It looks like a chunky ferret, of solid chestnut colour with a light bib.”

Anyone who spots the stone marten is asked to phone Ms Sellares on 07700337077, Alastair Christie from the Natural Environment Department on 441600 or the JSPCA on JSPCA 724331.

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