ӣƵ sees increase in people testing positive for Covid-19


JERSEY and the UK are seeing “surges” in cases of Covid – but most of those affected have not required treatment.

UK government figures showed a steep rise in the proportion of people testing positive through PCR tests during June.

This figure had risen to 14% by the end of the month, up from a low of 5% at the start of March.

One ӣƵ GP confirmed the Island was following suit. “We are certainly seeing a surge,” he said.

“It is not being notified to Public Health so total numbers are unclear – but cases are definitely up.

“Thankfully, it’s a self-limiting illness with fever, sore throat, fatigue and cough, mostly without complications.”

Public Health director Professor Peter Bradley said: “We currently don’t know the extent of the number of infections, as the testing scheme ended last year. However we are not seeing a rise in people seriously ill with Covid – so the burden from infection is currently very low.

Peter Bradley, director of Public Health Picture: ROB CURRIE. (38539031)

“We have continued our vaccination programme to protect our most vulnerable Islanders – the spring booster offer ended last week, and we are currently preparing for our annual winter vaccine campaign.

“If anyone thinks they might have Covid, they can purchase LFT kits from local pharmacies or online and are encouraged to stay home until they feel better.

Further advice is available at

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